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      PAST VOL 4

      New Orleans @ The Icehouse
      Jun 10, 2010

      PAST VOL 23

      Seattle @ Seattle Center, Leo K Theater
      Sep 04, 2010

      PAST VOL 2

      Kingston @ Just Wright Photography Ltd.
      Jun 11, 2011

      PAST VOL 3

      Raglan @ Raglan Old School Arts Centre
      Jul 31, 2011

      PAST VOL 10

      Southend-on-Sea @ Chalkwell Parkview Suites
      Jun 07, 2012

      PAST VOL 3

      Guimar?es @ Instituto do Design de Guimar?es
      Jun 30, 2012

      PAST VOL 5

      Montpelier VT @ Yestermorrow Design/Build School
      Jul 24, 2013

      PAST VOL 10

      Springfield, MO
      Jul 06, 2013

      PAST VOL 1

      Alice Springs @ upstairs at Epilogue
      Oct 22, 2014

      PAST VOL 18

      Adelaide @ De La Liff
      Aug 05, 2016

      Thumb full clara 04edit

      Skin, Brain, Heart

      @ VOL 17 ON APR 12, 2013

      Ever since Clara Coleman started seriously drawing and painting, she found a natural curiosity and urge to observe and record the things going on around her; mostly through self portraits. Clara uses herself as a model for a number of reasons. Although she does enjoy painting other people - friends and models - when she has the chance. A lot of how Clara spends her time is with paints on a surface, often times looking in a mirror, all while simultaneously reflecting on the different psychological, environmental, and cultural changes in her life. 
      Thumb david 20vickery 2020

      Elegant Adaptations In Oil

      @ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

      David Vickery is a resident of Cushing, where he has been working for the past 23 years, finding inspiration in local scenes and creating oil paintings with an eye for the imperfect, quirky, and sometimes elegant adaptations we’ve made in order to live here.  His process is to carry a camera wherever he goes and photograph any scene that moves him, then contemplate and carefully re-compose the photo in the studio and paint it.

      Thumb 8


      @ VOL 14 ON MAY 19, 2015

      Kunstenaar Andre Frank van Putten volgde zijn opleiding aan de Rietveld Academie te Amsterdam. Zijn eerste schilderijen waren simpel van beeld en concept. Duidelijk van vorm en kleur. Gedurende zijn carriere is hij meer gaan  experimenteren. In zijn project Loupcke, een verhaal over een wolvenfamilie, wisselen realiteit en illusie elkaar af.

      Thumb nick harris.016

      Newhaven: Modernism by the seaside


      Artist Nick Bush has set up his studio by Newhaven’s west beach in the Old History Museum. He presents a selection of paintings inspired by the town.

      Thumb 2nd 20avenue 2c 20seattle 20b 20

      The Eclectic Works of Chris Lehwalder

      @ VOL 1 ON SEP 20, 2017

      Chris Lehwalder shares his years of artistic creativity from detailed oils to watercolors to old style scrimshaw.

      Thumb slide8

      Demonstration of Practice

      @ VOL 4 ON NOV 30, 2017

      Aynslee Moon Smithee gives us some insight into her studio, her practice, and her family life as an artist.

      Thumb slide01


      @ VOL 1 ON JAN 27, 2018

      In her presentation, Seyhr Qayum shares her current studio practice and the concepts that inform her art-making decisions. 

      Conceptually, Seyhr's art is largely about cross-cultural exchange, and her perception of the differences between liberal and conservative societies. She combines representational portraiture and figurative illustrations, with elements of abstraction. 

      The idea of women empowerment is a focus in Seyhr's artworks. She has seen both the liberal and conservative side of life, and therefore has a fair idea of what it means to be a woman in both these worlds. All her work portrays Pakistani women as strong, empowered members of the society rather than stale and stereotypical illustrations. Her life-sized paintings of empowered female figures, such as ‘Here’s Looking at You, Kid,’ where a woman boldly stares back at you, encapsulate the idea of showing Pakistani women as strong and capable rather than submissive or troubled beings.

      Thumb slide16

      Oil painting

      BY DI WU
      @ VOL 35 ON MAR 22, 2018

      What is the importance of having a hobby, especially in modern life? For Di Wu the practice of oil painting allowed him to observe interesting phenomena and reinvent himself.

      Thumb 20

      An Artist's Evolution

      @ VOL 3 ON SEP 26, 2018

      From impressionistic to realism, Chris Lehwalder's art transforms our world. Mostly oil on canvas with scrimshaw as well.

      Thumb 13

      Path To Free Creativity

      @ VOL 8 ON MAR 14, 2019

      When Alexander was 16, his dad told him that he would never make money as a professional artist. This was both the worst and best moment in his life: the worst, because he descended into depression for close on ten years; the best, because if he hadn’t gone that low, he wouldn’t know how to get this high and help others free their creativity.

      Large wide alex noble 02

      Alex Noble

      Tokyo-based artist and art director Alex Noble presented some of his works during Vol. 58 of Pecha Kucha Night in Tokyo, walking us through the evolution of his style through the years. Below, a few examples of his work -- you can see more at the artist's website. Alex Noble's studio space in Tokyo:

      Large wide barcelona painting with light

      Painting with Light

      Although not from last week's PechaKucha Night in Tokyo, we continue to celebrate creativity this week by highlighting a great presentation every day, today turning our attention to "Painting with Light" from PKN Barcelona Vol. 10. Photographer Mateusz Staniewski presents a selection of light works and a series of incredible images that were all created without any use of Photoshop. In the presentation, he shares various techniques on how to paint with light.

      Large wide osnabrueck bornemann 01

      Light Painting in Osnabrueck

      Shown at Osnabrueck's PechaKucha Night Vol. 6 earlier this year, the photos included in this post are part of some "light painting" work by Christoph Abé and Kai Bornemann. PKN Osnabrueck organizer Clemens Gruber has sent us some text in German to accompany the photos, but do note that all of them do not use any Photoshop trickery. Wenn die von den Eltern vermittelten Werte bei ihren erwachsenen Kindern manch roten Leitfaden darstellen, welcher sicher durch die Gesellschaft führt, dann darf man als Papa und als Mama gleicherma?en stolz sein. Denn diese Werte, dieser Anstand und diese Bildung sind das Ergebnis einer langen Reise, welche durch mehrere Generationen führt. Kennst du die Stille im L?rm, welche dich im Alltag umgibt und die du als unangenehm wahrnimmst, da immer um dich herum etwas passieren mu??! Genie? diese kleine Insel und nutze sie zum Durchatmen ... sie ist dein Erholungsort im Dschungel der Hektik. An was glaubst du, wenn du an das Wort ?GLAUBE“ denkst? An was denkst du, wenn du an das Wort ?Nachdenken“ glaubst? Glaubst du, dass du WIRKLICH die F?higkeit der Reflexion besitzt? Oder glaubst du nicht eher doch an den Spiegel, den du dir selber vorh?lst, damit du nicht weiter Nachdenken musst, wer du WIRLICH bist? Das Licht am Ende eines Tunnels ist in vielerlei Hinsicht interpretierbar: Man kann es als Neuanfang sehen, als helfende Hand, als w?rmenden Sonnenschein im tristen Alltag oder einfach nur als das, was es ist: Die Helligkeit, welche uns immer wieder l?cheln l?sst, welche uns gerne an das erinnern l?sst, wofür es sich zu Leben lohnt: die Einmaligkeit von besonderen, hellen Momenten! Unverdaute Vertrautheit gleicht einer unverbrauchten Seele: Naiv, flügelspreizend und ohne jegliche Bedenken dem Risiko begegnend, welches einem in Form von angeblich abgekl?rten Menschen ins offene Messer rennen l?sst.

      Large wide barcelonapkn10blog

      Painting with Light

      Light painting isn't a new art form by any stretch, but recently it's been revitalized and enhanced by the DIY community. In today's edition of Presentation of the Day, we see the extent to which the medium has grown.? In his presentation (from PKN Barcelona Vol. 10) Mateusz Staniewski enlightens us on the finer details of the photographic art. The techniques he goes into include light-stenciling, freezing, and painting; when combining these methods the results are both literally and figuratively luminous. There's much more to be seen than said here, so for further illumination check out the full presentation.?

      Large wide pkn volume 9 by beth meadows poster

      Poster for PKN Knoxville Vol. 9

      Beth Meadows is a talented local artist who is well known for her creative abstractions of found objects, architectural spaces, and historic structures. ?She volunteered her time to design the poster for Knoxville's 9th Pecha Kucha and for that we are grateful! ?? She choose this painting for the poster for the architectural qualities and proportion of the space - perfect for the integration of PKN into Architecture Week! ?The couple [and their cats] are taking time from thier busy schedules to sit quietly and listen. ?Sometimes PKN can get a little rowdy but the reason we all attend is to listen to a passionate community member share thier craft with us. ?It is an inspiring evening of reflection and gratitde. ? Beth Meadows graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BFA in Studio Art in 2007. She has lived and worked in Knoxville since then and currently manages The Salvage Room for the non-profit Knox Heritage, receiving and selling historic building materials. She is also the Director, as well as an artist, of 17th Street Studios, a work space for thirteen artists near downtown Knoxville. To view more of her work visit her site?http://withbearhands.com/ ? ?

      Large wide protect

      Protecting a Community, An Ecosystem

      When?Karen Tam Wu?began her work in forest ethics, she never expected to be standing up to the CEO of the Shell Oil Company. What began with the company setting up three fracking stations near the headwaters in northern British Columbia, became a community-led campaign to stop the oil company from poisoning the groundwater that is so crucial to the surrounding area. In "Protecting a Community, An Ecosystem" from PKN Vancouver Vol.28, hear Karen tell her story of trial and eventual triumph.?

      Large wide systemic

      Systemic Painting

      If you've ever wanted to see the inside of an artist's mind, this is a great way to do it. Bob Richardson?shares his unique mode of painting using a grid-system, and in "Systemic Painting" from PKN Midcoast, Maine Vol. 19 explains how his art style has changed over the years. He uses a variety of mediums, including canvas, silk screen, and watercolor paper. After retirement, Bob revisited his systemic painting method and experimented with new compositions and brush widths to create effective pieces of art.?

      Large wide full august 20vilella.017

      Intuitive Surrealism

      “I have a very strange, particular method of painting. I call this method intuitive surrealism.” In?Intuitive Surrealism?from?PechaKucha Night Tokyo?Vol. 136, Barcelona-based artist,?August Vilella?shares his oil paintings, creatied by means of a surreal-intuitive method. Thanks to this method and without using any previous sketches or ideas, he tries to give shape to his past and future through the subconscious mind. As a figurative work of art, the result of this practice evokes a dreamlike aura and philosophical language, which invites the observing visitor to reflect.

      Large wide pk vol34 part 1.048 2

      Painting with Radio Control Cars

      "Generally I paint cars ...with cars ...because that makes sense."In?Painting with Radio Control Cars?from?PechaKucha Night Coventry Vol. 34,?Ian Cook?presents his long and?highly entertaining career in painting artwork with actual radio-controlled cars for some of the world's most known brands. Be sure to check out his studio Popbang Colour for more inspiring works! ?

      Pk 1

      Follow your passion, say MSM students at PechaKucha event

      “Stunning!”, “Brilliant!”, “They managed to surprise us again!” These are some of the comments that were heard at this year’s PechaKucha event at Maastricht School of Management on Thursday 22 March. The eight students who took on the PechaKucha stage impressed the full audience of staff members and fellow students gathered in the business lounge with the personal and sometimes even intimate stories they dared to reveal. PechaKucha is a concise and fast-paced presentation style that consists in using only 20 slides, and 20 seconds per slide, to share inspiring ideas or projects. Each year MSM and PechaKucha Maastricht team up to organize a special PechaKucha event for the School’s students and staff. From writing a letter to your future self to embarking on a backpack journey around the world to managing a competitive cheerleader team from abroad to discovering the joys and challenges of gaming or oil painting, many speakers emphasized the value of embracing uncertainty and change. “Accept challenges and develop a positive and fearless attitude,” said Juan Carlos Ramonet Moreno (MM5). “Don’t get obsessed with a clear path and embark on a journey of self-discovery and continuous improvement,” advised Maria Kirichenko (MM5). “Value the importance of having a hobby and what you can learn from it,” highlighted Di Wu and Ramzi AlAshabi (MBA34). “Overcome your frustration and dare to change your career,” said Laura Sala Segura (MM5). Defining themselves as risk-takers, these five students showed how they all got energy and new ideas from pursuing their passions in life. Natania Leongson (MM5) and Hai Dang (MBA34) delved into deep personal or global topics. “I would like to inspire you to shift your mindset about the concept of identity. Learn to view it not as something permanent or predetermined, but as a malleable, fluid, and constantly changing phenomenon,” Natania said. In her presentation, she used the metaphor of an Indian totem to show how identity can be seen as a series of experiences that continuously shape and color as we grow older. Hai revealed his profound love and sense of care for his home country Vietnam when he spoke about the Son Doong Cave, the world’s largest cave. “Exploring Son Doong with its extraordinarily rich and unique natural environment should be done with utmost care and in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner,” he urged. Speaking last and bringing back his fellow students to their year at MSM, Praveen Saragadam (MM5) offered a straightforward and pragmatic tip, based on his personal experience: “Let’s suit up!” he exclaimed with a broad and enthusiastic smile. “In this changing world, the way we dress up has a significant impact on creating the first impression, so let’s suit up and build up our career!” As every year, the event concluded with much joy and laughter when Oliver Olson, Director Global Education Programs, gave his now famous improvisation on random slides. Oliver used the opportunity to praise the students on their earlier performances and the stories they had shared: “It was wonderful to discover all these secret talents in the MSM family!” ? By Sueli Brodin


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