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      Past El Paso Event: VOL 17

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      VOL 17

      October 21, 2017
      @ EPCF Foundation Room

      PechaKucha returns to downtown for a lovely fall Saturday Evening on October 21st!  If you are interested in presenting at this volume please let us know ASAP.  Looking forward to seeing you there to share in the conversation!

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      ONE MAN BAND: My journey so far

      @ VOL 17 ON OCT 21, 2017

      Christopher Rueda is the founder of Penny-Farthing Design and the designer of this event’s poster.  Christopher shares on how he started a design business and continue to grow it. He touches on both the pro's and con's of his particular journey, and what he does to keep himself going as a Sole-Proprietor. 

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      Anxiety Quiet Anxiety

      @ VOL 17 ON OCT 21, 2017

      People who have anxiety usually have a hard time explaining what it is to those that never experience it. One way to describe it is it having many of the same qualities as the loud/quiet/loud dynamic of rock n’ roll songs. Leonard Martinez’s presentation looks at the heady topic of anxiety through the lens of music. All you’ll feel is calm - hopefully.


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      Dear Adults

      @ VOL 17 ON OCT 21, 2017

      Melody Gomez works with Square Peg Youth Empowerment. Melody asks how often do we consider that we are projecting expectations on our youth, and are asking them for blind compliance with explicit interference. Are we asking of our youth what we wouldn’t want for ourselves? Maybe the Panacea to global ills is as simple as recognizing that our youth are rookie global citizens, and we should ask them take a bigger role in their world. Melody asks are we the role models with whom our youth want to participate?

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      Under the Radar

      @ VOL 17 ON OCT 21, 2017

      Based in New York City, Elaine Molinar has been an architect with Snøhetta for over 25 years. Snøhetta is an interdisciplinary design studio which takes an integrative approach to architecture, landscape, and interior architecture.  Originally from El Paso, Elaine began her career as a designer of the Alexandria Library in Egypt after participating in the initial conception for Snøhetta’s winning competition entry.  Throughout her time with Snøhetta, Elaine has held key positions in major cultural projects and competitions in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.  She currently leads general management, strategic planning and business development as a partner and managing director at Snøhetta.  Tonight Elaine presents, Under the Radar which shows works from or destined for the attic, or are unusual enough to actually happen one day.  Never published or never realized they represent the place where designers most like to be - under the radar.

      Elaine Molinar
      in New York
      Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado
      Artist/Muralist in El Paso
      Diego Muniz
      in El Paso
      Melody Gomez
      in El Paso
      Muriel Borders
      in El Paso
      Helen Vargas
      Dulce Mal Band in El Paso
      Leonard Martinez
      Storyteller, Honey Badger in El Paso
      Christopher Rueda
      Graphic Design, Self-Employed: Principal of Penny-Farthing Design in El Paso

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