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      Past Asheville Event: VOL 15

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      VOL 15

      May 19, 2017
      @ The Grove House

      Tickets available at http://pechakuchaavl.org/attend

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      Recycling Dos and Don'ts

      @ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

      Ever wonder what you should recycle or what recyclables become? If so, this is a great way to find out.

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      Stitching Stories Through Coreography

      @ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

      Stories are written and spoken, but Story Choreographer, Barrie Barton takes stories to the stage. In her presentation, she shares how community members, age 25-70 go spelunking for personal stories and movements around a specific theme and then co-create a performance piece- including choreography and spoken word.

      Her presentation reveals the creativity, compassion and courage and ultimate liberation kindled through this process. Barrie reveals participant’s poignant stories from a lifetime secret to a recovering heroine addict. The stories cover the full spectrum of the human condition.

      Through telling our stories, "We are seen and heard. We Belong. We are not alone. We a part of a much larger story."

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      Invasives as Gift and Medicine

      @ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

      So-called invasive plants and animals turn out to be more than the monsters Monsanto and popular culture has made them out to be. Coyotes, zebra mussels, kudzu-all have important ecological roles-and encourage us to play.

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      Hope for a Peaceful Future

      @ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

      Despite recent events, the long arc of human history bends toward less human violence, in addition to justice. Jim Veilleux's talk describes how human violence has declined over the millennia and why that's likely to continue.

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      PKN Team, I'll See You in My Dreams

      @ VOL 15 ON MAY 19, 2017

      Breaking up with the PKN Asheville Organizers is hard to do. Luckily, they live in Randi Janelle's dreams and expanding consciousness.

      Randi Janelle
      Creator in Asheville
      Jay Hill
      Software Developer in Asheville
      Gary Phillips
      in Asheville
      Gabriele Stobbe
      in Asheville
      Barrie Barton
      in Asheville
      Amanda Fairley
      in Asheville

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