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      31 MAY


      PechaKucha Night Hong Kong returns this year, featuring speakers from a wide range of backgrounds including design thinking, photography, design, architecture, and more. Join us on May 31st and be inspired.

      The current speaker line-up includes:

      Philip Fung – Architect
      Cesar Jung-Harada - MakerBay
      Maria Li - MakerBay
      Chicky Bhavnani - MakerBay
      Maria Wong - HKWalls
      Peter Pang - Multidisciplinary Designer
      Tynna Mendoza - Enrich
      Jason Hilgefort – Urban Designer
      Laurel Chor - Journalist

      (more to be announced...)

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      Questions or concerns? Please reach out to us at 852 2979 0688 or e-mail [email protected]

      PechaKucha Night is organised in Hong Kong by Boötes. Special thanks to our sponsors MakerBay and Carlsberg.


      PechaKucha Night香港回來了,本次活動集結來自不同背景的人士來到場分享有關設計思維、攝影、設計、建築等題目。

      演講嘉賓名單 :

      Philip Fung – Architect
      Cesar Jung-Harada - MakerBay
      Maria Li - MakerBay
      Chicky Bhavnani - MakerBay
      Maria Wong - HKWalls
      Peter Pang - Multidisciplinary Designer
      Tynna Mendoza - Enrich Hong Kong
      Jason Hilgefort – Urban Designer
      Laurel Chor - Journalist


      預售票可到 EventBrite 購買。


      如有任何問題或查詢,請致電 852 2979 0688 或電郵至 [email protected]

      PechaKucha Night香港 由 Boötes 舉辦,特別鳴謝我們的贊助 MakerBay 及 Carlsberg

      Thumb 10 jorge beneitez 02

      Sharing Culture in the New Millenia: Design Practices

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Jorge Beneitez, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Enzyme, shares how making use of BIM tool can help designers share their knowledge with other team members and maximize the performance of the design. 

      Thumb 09 aigul safiullina 14

      A Sustainable Mindset: How to Make it Waste-free?

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Aigul Safiullina, a certified Climate Reality Leader and co-founder of Zero Waste Life, shares her idea of how people can reconnect back to the Earth and protect the nature in a sustainable way bey clearing up their own minds. 

      Thumb 08 sarah mui 12

      Interconnecting People

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Sarah Mui, Design Director and Co-founder of One Bite Design Stuidio, shares her experience in co-creating places with people and how that experience helps shaping her ideal in designing architecture for connecting people in society. 

      Thumb 07 vince siu 06

      Innovating through Play

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Vince Siu, founder of Press Start Hong Kong, shares his views on how some popular board games hinder peoples' interactions and how a well-designed game can inspire innovative mind and educate children in playful ways.

      Thumb 06 philippe holthuizen 03

      3D Printed Shoes

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Philippe Holthuizen, founder of Fused Footwear, showcases the working process of designing and producing his 3-d printed shoes and the difficulties he has gone through. 

      Thumb 05 kai wang 14

      Two Tales with Nature

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Kai Wang, Design Principal of Just Open Architecture, shares the design ideology of two architecture projects which emphasize the relationship between human and nature.

      Thumb 04 yanki lee 04

      Let's Codesign Your Life!

      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Yanki  Lee, founder of Enable Foundation, shares her experience as a designer who codesign and cocreate with people in society. She uses some working examples to show how her design ideology can help alleviating the ageing problem in Hong Kong.

      Thumb 03 wesley heung 01


      @ VOL 28 ON MAR 01, 2019

      Wesley Heung, professional photographer based in Hong Kong, shares how he expresses his perception and emotion for different objects, landscapes and spaces through a series of abstract composition and his artisitic lens. 


      HONG KONG Blog

      PKN Poster Spotlight: Hong Kong

      What kind of presenter are you, a jazzy saxophone, a beautiful bird? This surely looks like an energetic and fascinating get together for this week's PKN Poster Spotlight for Hong Kong. There’s no telling what kind of amazing ideas can arise when a giraffe and a stereo come together. Find out at Pechakucha Night Hong Kong Vol. 28!

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      About the City's Organizers

      • Peter Boelsterli

        Peter is an Architect and Author of a wide range of Initiatives in the context of Arts, Design & Social Transformation. He was born in Switzerland, got his MA Degree in Architecture at ETH Zurich and started his own Practice in Bern where he later was appointed as a Professor for Architectural Design and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. There he initiated the very first Pecha Kucha Night outside of Japan. After more than a decade of intense collaborations in China he moved 2011 to Asia. First living in Beijing and in the last three years in Hong Kong, where he founded Bootes Cultural Cooperatives; a practice that combines initiatives in Arts & Design, Research & Education. In Shenzhen he initiated the development of a new International School of Design, expected to start its operation in 2020.

      • Bootes Limited

        Bo?tes is a multidisciplinary think-tank that connects initiatives to deliver a diverse array of design, architectural, cultural and educational solutions.


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