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      While they may be solitary animals, this parliament of owls convenes to share their stories. How mysterious…and cute! This week's PKN Poster Spotlight takes a peek at Troyes' whimsically wonderful owls poster. Much like these owls here, the presenters at Troyes will feed your imagination and stir your curiosity. Much appreciation to Thibault Marcilly for the excellent poster. Find out whoooooo will be presenting at PechaKucha Night Troyes Vol.6 on April 24. Have a great time over there Troyes!

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      It’s time for a reboot in Gainesville, and for such an occasion they’ve created this amazing poster which is this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight. What better way to refresh and renew the PechaKucha community than by sharing ideas with each other shown by the chromatic stream flowing from one mind to the next. There’s going to be great fishing for inspiration in that stream of thought! PechaKucha Night Gainesville Vol. 16 on April 1st is sure to be a great time!

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      PechaKucha Santa Fe shines this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight with their event theme on ‘Place’: Somewhere where artists and creatives come together and meet one another to exchange ideas, thoughts and imagination. Where do you belong? Check out what happend at PechaKucha Night Santa Fe Vol.2!

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      In partnership with Shenzhen Creative Week, PechaKucha Night Shenzhen brings us yet another spectacular poster design for this week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight. With its aesthetically appealing melange of cool and warm colors, and combination of screen-printing and simple line drawing techniques, this poster not only pops - it rocks! To learn more about the ongoings of the star-studded Shenzhen Creative Week, visit the official Shenzhen Creative Week webpage here.

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      Do you know what an ouroboros is? Well this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight checks out Cape Town's idea of it. It is the symbol of infinity or wholeness depicted by a snake eating it’s own tail, however they drew it with more twists and turns for PechaKucha Night Cape Town Vol.52. Let's cheer on for Cape Town to keep hosting great PechaKucha nights for eternity! Good luck down there Cape Town.

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      What kind of presenter are you, a jazzy saxophone, a beautiful bird? This surely looks like an energetic and fascinating get together for this week's PKN Poster Spotlight for Hong Kong. There’s no telling what kind of amazing ideas can arise when a giraffe and a stereo come together. Find out at Pechakucha Night Hong Kong Vol. 28!

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      In the this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight we look at Knoxville’s esoteric Poster. The painting was created by local artist Gwen Pevonka, using many layers both physical and metaphorical. She creates this mysterious floral design, making us all wonder what it all means. Perhaps you can find out at PechaKucha Night Knoxville, Vol. 30 on February 21st. 

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      Like a retro sci-fi scene straight out of a comic book, Baton Rouge's out-of-this world poster design steals this week’s PKN Poster Spotlight. Baton Rogue's organization team is especially excited to announce this month's all-female line up for Pechakucha Night Baton Rouge Vol. 11. Just like the futuristic heroine on this poster, the women of this PechaKucha Night are going to lead the way to discover the unknown. 3-2-1, Blast Off!

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      He may not have a sword, but this samurai is ready to present with his microphone at Pechakucha Night Kumamoto Vol. 30. This week's PKN Poster Spotlight is reminiscent of the Ukiyo-e art style from Japan’s Edo Era which includes depictions of a Heron, Kabuki actors, and the always elegant Mount Fuji. Great job representing Japan Kumamoto! Have a great Pechakucha Night!

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      As the howling winter wind chases us, Edmonton shows their appreciation for the cold weather with this poster for PechaKucha Night Edmonton Vol. 33. A charming mammoth stomps all over the forest and makes footprint patterns shaped as the number 33. Wow, how cute! PechaKucha Poster Spotlight would like to thank Edmonton for always turning out such great posters as well as the incredible energy in every volumes!

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