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    1. City Focus: Bahrain

      Uniquely characterized with 33 islands, the archipelago island country in the Persian Gulf known as Bahrain takes the spotlight in this week's City Focus. Interestingly, many believe that Bahrain may have been the biblical Garden of Eden for its prime location as an oasis of fertility in ancient times in a mainly desolated region. As one of the Persian Gulf's most mysterious and exotic destinations, be prepared for a night of creativity and wonder at PechaKucha Night Bahrain Vol. 8. See you there!

      PKN Poster Spotlight

      This week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight seizes one's attention with an eye-popping photo collage from PechaKucha Night Lisbon Vol. 26! As the vibrant contrasting colors exquisitely capture the variety of creative characteristics in Lisbon, get ready to be immersed in big waves of talent, color, and inspiration on October 26th!

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      License the PechaKucha Format

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      Presentation of the Day

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      John Bond

      Illustrator - Author - Artist in Worthing

      In this presentation, illustrator and author John Bond tracks his inspirations for his illustrated characters. From children's shows to his numerous furry friends, John's childhood experiences have shaped who he has become as both an adult and artist. His inspiring story captivates the audience, all sharing laughter, and smiles.


      Past Presentations of the Day

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      Under the Radar

      @ VOL 17 ON OCT 21, 2017

      Based in New York City, Elaine Molinar has been an architect with Snøhetta for over 25 years. Snøhetta is an interdisciplinary design studio which takes an integrative approach to architecture, landscape, and interior architecture.  Originally from El Paso, Elaine began her career as a designer of the Alexandria Library in Egypt after participating in the initial conception for Snøhetta’s winning competition entry.  Throughout her time with Snøhetta, Elaine has held key positions in major cultural projects and competitions in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.  She currently leads general management, strategic planning and business development as a partner and managing director at Snøhetta.  Tonight Elaine presents, Under the Radar which shows works from or destined for the attic, or are unusual enough to actually happen one day.  Never published or never realized they represent the place where designers most like to be - under the radar.

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      Posture/Gesture: Paintings of Laurie Lisonbee

      @ VOL 16 ON SEP 25, 2018

      Laurie Lisonbee shows artworks of the human figure in yoga postures as metaphors for states of being. Depictions of bodily contortions and mudras of the hand are crafted into relic-like objects.  From art historical sources, junk piles, and yoga practice, Lisonbee derives a painting process akin to devotional meditation.

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      The Great Coffee Caper


      In celebration of International Coffee Day:

      "Help us find the last [missing] Fujita panel so we can rebuild the Brazil Cafe in Ginza!"

      In "The Great Coffee Caper " from Tokyo's Brazilian Lifestyle Powered by PechaKucha, Brazilian Ambassador to Japan,  André Corrêa do Lago shares his piqued curiosity when, as a teenager in Sao Paulo, acquiring a peculiar book of Brazilian architecture that had been published in Japan, it's last page stunning him with images the "Brazil Cafe", a coffee house in a posh corner of Tokyo for its most chic denizens, inside which was decorated with contemporary furniture, its walls adorned by a magnificent mural painted by Japan's most famous artist of the time, Léonard Tsugouharu Foujita.

      Ambassador Lago's interest in the book, and in the cafe, never wavered and when appointed to his position in Japan, and in an effort to re-capture Japan's shared love for Brazilian coffee, he commissioned his staff to research the cafe's history, uncovering a caper of a tale, which has led to the quest for a missing painting and a restoration of Tokyo's once legendary "Brazil Cafe."

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      Kitchen Counterpoint

      @ VOL 35 ON SEP 06, 2018

      And now for something really special.

      Musician and composer Julian Beutel had a different idea of how to make use of the PechaKucha Night format. For this "talk", Julian did a live musical performance using a pre-recorded track he composed and did the sound effects right on stage. The piece itself revolves around a central space, the kitchen, and the cast of characters that use it. Julian developed Kitchen Counterpoint in collaboration with Angie Shyr and Seth Boyden. 

      Julian's performance was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 35, on September 6, 2018, at the Park Theatre. 

      For more information on PKN Winnipeg, follow us on Twitter (@pkn_winnipeg), Instagram (@pkn_winnipeg), or Facebook (www.facebook.com/pechakuchanightwinnipeg). PKN Winnipeg is presented by the Manitoba Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada.


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